Reach Your Table Tennis Potential with World-Class Coaching

Partner up with a world-class coach dedicated to your long-term development and success.
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How it Works


Tailored training programs crafted just for you


Long-term relationship with a coach invested in your success


A pathway of consistent improvements to achieve your goals


Sign Up & Select Your Coach

Start by signing up and choosing a coach that aligns with your table tennis aspirations. Browse through profiles of world-class coaches and select the one who best matches your style and goals.



Prepare for Success

Book your first video meeting with your coach. Prior to the meeting, upload a 2-3 minute video showcasing your skills and write down your goals and ambitions. This preparation ensures your coach can start tailoring a program just for you



Meet Your Coach

Engage in a 20-minute video conversation with your coach to discuss your goals and get acquainted. This meeting is crucial for setting the foundation of your personalized training program, crafted to advance your skills effectively.



Start Your Training Journey

Embark on your personalized training program, featuring tailored exercises and detailed instructional videos designed specifically for you. Log each training session, recording your efforts and reflections. Your coach will review your progress and engage with your journal entries to provide targeted feedback and ensure optimal training outcomes.



Evaluate & Enhance

Regular monthly check-ins allow you and your coach to assess your progress and recalibrate your training plan. Celebrate achievements, make necessary adjustments, and continuously push towards new goals with revised strategies.


Meet our Coaches

Elevate your skills with expert coaching and personalized training plans for continuous improvement. Sign Up

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